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An irregular column on the state of design on the World Wide Web. The latest:
Socially-Responsible Use of PICS Ratings Found!
A little humor, with tongue partly in cheek. (God knows I need it after looking at web pages all day.)

documentary evidence

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Jon Katz's series on the aftermath - for geeks around the country - of the Columbine high school murders: Voices from the Hellmouth and More Stories from the Hellmouth
The works of Richard Mitchell
"Our industries depend on what we call 'brand loyalty,' and thoughtful readers will all be brand traitors. They may, even probably will, go the next step and become brand nihilists who decide not to buy any after-shave or hot comb at all."
Now back in print! available from A Common Reader.
"In this particular world, no ambiguity is allowed. Either one is on the side of the victim or one is on the side of the offender; there is no place between. To question is to betray."
the control panel that will make you proud to click! (Macs only.)
Alexandria Digital Library
Get and give book recommendations here. The idea is that Alexandria matches your preferences with those of other people. It recommends books that you haven't read, but that people liked whose tastes are similar to yours. The more people recommend books and the bigger the database gets, the more accurate the library's recommendations can be.
A collection of nerd songs
"How many times must a man read his source
Before he can see what is wrong?
How many memory must his system have
Before he can use 'unsigned long'?
How many errors will it take till he knows
That there's still some work to be done?
    The answer, my friend
    Is not a boolean
    The answer is not a boolean."
The Amazing Fish Cam!
Still there after all these years...
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