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The HyperTalk QuickRef Stack

Updated for HyperTalk 2.4, including new language elements to handle QuickTime and QuickTime VR movies.

The HyperTalk Reference stack that comes with HyperCard is very complete. But sometimes it's too much. Too slow, too large, too hard to handle. Sometimes all you want is a quick reminder of a command's syntax.

The HyperTalk QuickRef is a stack I put together for times I just want syntax and a quick description of a language element, in a small window that fits into the corner of the screen. There's a card for each command, function, property, message, and keyword in HyperCard 2.4. For each language element, the stack provides:

[stack screenshot]

There's also:

The HyperTalk QuickRef stack is freeware. You can find it on America Online and on the usual FTP sites, or download (78K) it now. (Some browsers don't handle MacBinary files properly. If you have any trouble, try downloading this binhexed version (112K) instead.)

The information in the stack is distilled from HyperTalk 2.2: The Book by Dan Winkler, Scot Kamins, and Jeanne DeVoto, with additional information for HyperCard 2.3-2.4.

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto