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(OK, so it's turned out to be more like "Script of the Fiscal Quarter". I'll see what I can do about that....)

This page is a place for a few of my favorite code snippets and tools for scripting and stack creation. I've gotten an enormous amount, in knowledge, advice, and friendship, from the HyperCard community over the years, and this is a way of giving a little something back. From time to time, I might also put up pointers to cool and useful things I come across.

(Still) Coming Real Soon Now: HyperTalk QuickRef AppleGuide

June 1998 Updated HyperTalk QuickRef, version 2.4
A fast, slim alternative to the HyperTalk Reference stack, including the Darn Cute Interactive ASCII ChartTM. Newly updated, includes the new QuickTime language elements.
April 1998 The SlickScripts Competition
A guest script this fiscal quar- er, this month: presenting the winning entry in the HyperTalk mailing list's first SlickScripts competition, written by Jonathon Ashwell. The script powers a self-contained field that automatically indexes any stack it's pasted into.
January 1998 HyperTalk BNF
From HyperTalk 2.2: The Book, by popular demand, the formal grammar of HyperTalk, in Backus-Naur form. (Serious geek territory; kids, don't try this at home.)
October 1997 Find It Again, Sam
A scripted Find (or any other command) that repeats when the user presses Return.
September 1997 Text Collector Palette
A self-contained palette that implements an accumulative clipboard - copying and cutting text adds it to the Collector, instead of wiping out the previous contents. Demonstrates multi-line palette scripts, too.
February 1997 Secrets of the Palette Command
A fun adventure for the whole family!
  • THRILL to the adventure of unsanctioned WDEFs!!!
  • OOH and AHHH at the multi-line button messages!!!
  • DOWNLOAD a ResEdit template for the PLTE resource type!!!
January 1997 The HyperTalk QuickRef stack
A fast, slim alternative to the HyperTalk Reference stack, including the Darn Cute Interactive ASCII ChartTM

The Scripts of the Month are copyrighted, but may be used by anyone for stack development. If you want to sell the tools, scripts, or documentation themselves, or include them in a product for sale, you'll need to get my permission first.

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto