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HyperTalk 2.2: The Book
by Dan Winkler, Scot Kamins, & Jeanne DeVoto

Random House 1994
ISBN 0-679-79171-X
736 pages; large-format paperback

"Simply the greatest HyperTalk book ever"
Richard Gaskin, Fourth World

HyperTalk 2.2: The Book is a complete and exhaustive reference to the HyperTalk scripting language for Apple Computer's HyperCard development environment. It is intended and structured as an introduction to HyperTalk, and as a programmer's bookshelf reference to all elements of the language.

"The best source of information about HyperTalk available anywhere"
Kevin Calhoun, HyperCard development lead

If you're just beginning to use HyperCard and you have not yet started writing scripts, one of the intro books for HyperCard will probably be a better choice for you right now. However, if you are a scripter at any level from beginner to expert, you'll want this book sooner or later.

"A must for every serious HyperTalk programmer"
Peter Fleck, Keeper of the HyperCard FAQ

HyperTalk 2.2: The Book covers:

Table of Contents

Part I: Scripting in HyperTalk

Part II: HyperTalk Reference

Part III: The Elements of HyperTalk

Each command, function, property, message, and keyword is described, with syntax, examples, description, and version information.

Part IV: Appendixes


The errata list contains all known errors in HyperTalk 2.2: The Book. (If you have found an error that is not listed here, please let me know.)

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto