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HyperTalk 2.2: The Book

This is a list of all known errors in HyperTalk 2.2: The Book. If you have found any errors in the book that aren't mentioned here, please send email with the page number of the problem to

Page 151:
The last line in the initProblems handler should read "addProblem("Pollution,The Nature Conservancy,703-841-5300")".
Page 214:
In the first sentence, "up" and "down" are switched.
Page 303:
The second sentence in the Action section should read "The expression the foundField is equivalent to word 6 to 8 of the foundChunk."
Page 307:
The second paragraph in the Comments section should begin "The following handler checks the stack's freeSize when it closes."
Page 341:
Line 12 of the rollDice handler should begin "if word 3", not "if word 4".
Page 350:
The tabsExpanded handler is missing the line "end repeat". It should be inserted just before the line "return cleanText".
Page 350:
The last line of the mouseUp handler should read
  put tabsExpanded(it,8) into card field "Spreadsheet Results"
Page 362:
In the Action section, the reference to lockMessages should be to lockRecent instead.
Page 367:
The second line of the greatCuisine handler should read
  mark cards where ("garlic" is in field "Ingredients")
followed by the option-return sign.
Page 393:
The first line should have the word "multiplies" instead of "divides".
Page 399:
In the third paragraph, the word after the Apple symbol should be "icon" instead of "on".
Page 426:
Line 5 of the mouseUp handler on this page should begin "open report printing" instead of "open printing", and the line "close printing" should be inserted just before the line "pop card".
Page 431:
In the first sentence, "up" and "down" are switched.
Page 509:
The last line of the enterKey handler should read "end enterKey".
Page 514:
The last sentence of the third paragraph should read "The picture is displayed at 2 integer."
Page 548:
In the first sentence, "up" and "down" are switched.
Page 556:
The last line should refer to "freeSize" instead of "freeSpace".
Page 602:
The first sentence of paragraph 7 should read "In fact, item 1 of the topLeft is the left of the element, and item 2 is the top property."
Page 613:
Line 10 of the doHandler handler should read "theHandler", not "doHandler". (Consider this a lesson in why it's a bad idea to make handler names and parameter names that are too similiar.)

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto