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The Gallery:

III: The Southwest
Inspired by the jewelry of the American Southwest, incorporating bold shapes and the subtle colors of turquoise and terra cotta.

Turquoise and silver necklace

Polymer clay turquoise and terra cotta with silver metal beads
45 inches/114 centimeters

Black pyramid and turquoise necklace

Polymer clay with black matte glass beads
24 inches/64 centimeters (excluding clasp)

Turquoise-decorated pendant necklace

Polymer clay with myrrh and silver metal beads
The myrrh beads give off a subtle fragrance when worn next to the skin
18 inches/46 centimeters (excluding clasp)

Three stones necklace

Polymer clay with silver metal beads
17 inches with 5.5-in dangle/43 centimeters with 14-cm dangle (excluding clasp)

Turquoise necklace with Y-pendant

Polymer clay with matte glass seedbeads
and carved silver metal beads
16 inches/41 centimeters (excluding clasp)

Turquoise and ivory chain

Polymer clay and silver metal charms on silver metal chain
39 inches with 3-in dangle/99 centimeters with 7.5-cm dangle

An assortment of earrings

Polymer clay with matte glass seedbeads,
silver metal beads and wirework

Gallery IV: In Blue

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