Jeanne's World

The Gallery

Carved in Stone

weathered rock, incised stonework

Rose Garden

in real and unreal shades

The Southwest

turquoise, terracotta, and silver

In Blue

brought to you by the color blue


the unclassifiable

Most of these pieces are offered for sale. Write to the artist for price and availability, or to discuss commissioned pieces.

Most of the work in this gallery is done in polymer clay. I've been working with this medium since sometime in 1995, mostly making jewelry and small decorative items. I also use glass and brass beads and wire, but the clay appeals to me because of its protean quality - I can make it look like ivory or jade, like polished handworked glass, like sandstone, or like nothing ever seen on this earth before - and for the pure childish fun of playing with it.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy seeing my work.
- Jeanne

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto
Copyright © 1997 Jeanne A. E. DeVoto