Jeanne A. E. DeVoto

Technical Communication
Portland, OR

Skilled, technically-savvy writer with solid documentation and online skills, combined with over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience in the computer and Internet industries. Able to research and extract in-depth technical information from offsite and onsite team members. Experienced in creating readable, useful print and online documentation for audiences at all levels of sophistication, from novice user to experienced programmer.

Areas of Expertise

Technical Skills

Platforms: MacOS, *nix, Windows 95
Varying levels of experience with programming and script languages including C, Perl, HyperTalk, Tcl, AppleScript, Javascript
Knowledge of networking and Internet applications (WWW, telnet, ftp)

Selected Projects

Created on-screen technical references for Global Village line of modems. Originally developed these references in Apple Guide, later brought them into PDF format for cross-platform compatibility.

Documented extensive scripting language (over 350 keywords) in HyperTalk 2.2: The Book. Wrote code samples, researched obscure language features and bugs. The HyperCard team used the book as the best authoritative reference on the language and its operation.

Scripted and produced Apple Guide online help for Macintosh OS, working closely with an instructional designer. Specified external code to implement special features. Responded with fast turnaround to frequent OS changes. Participated in usability testing.

Designed, wrote, and produced online help for Newton Press (development application for palmtop device). Worked with offsite developers to integrate help closely with application.

Wrote exhaustive test plan for WELL Engaged online conferencing software, working from fragmentary specifications. Resulting document guided testing effort and served as training documentation for new employees.

Career Overview

Technical Writing Consultant (1991-present)
Short-term projects for a variety of clients have included: Software Development Consultant (1990-present)
Short-term projects for a variety of clients have included: Software Quality Assurance Consultant (1991-1994)
Short-term projects for a variety of clients have included: Technical Writer (Consultant) Crossworlds Corporation (September 1999-present) Web Quality Assurance Consultant WELL Engaged (July 1998-October 1999) Technical Writer & Community Consultant NetCenter/Netscape Communications (November 1997-March 1998) Online Help Developer (Consultant) Global Village Corporation (November 1996-April 1998) Instructional Designer & Help Developer Instructional Products/Apple Computer (September 1994-March 1996) Technical Documentation Consultant South-West Publishing (1992-1994) Tools Engineer Networks & Communication/Apple Computer (1992) Quality Assurance Lead Networks & Communication/Apple Computer, Inc. (1988-1991) Senior Applications Engineer Technical Support/SuperMac Technology (1987-1988) Technical Writer System Documentation/Daisy Systems Corporation (1987)


Reed College Portland, Oregon
B.A. Mathematics
B.A. Physics


HyperTalk 2.2: The Book, Random House (1994)
Co-author, Tricks of the HyperTalk Masters, Hayden (1989)

Last updated 3/2000