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Jeanne's House o' HyperCard:

FAQs & Tutorials

* The HyperCard FAQ compiled by Peter Fleck
Available on the Web or for anonymous FTP
*Teach Yourself HyperCard
A thorough introduction to HyperCard development, available on the Web.


* The newsgroup comp.sys.mac.hypercard
* The HyperCard mailing list, lair of scripters
To subscribe, visit Yahoo Groups or send email to .
* The Macintosh Scripting mailing list
To subscribe, send a message to with subscribe in the Subject line and subscribe macscrpt [your name] in the message body. The list covers all Macintosh script languages: HyperTalk, AppleScript, Frontier, etc. Most of the traffic is about AppleScript.

Web Sites

* HyperCard Heaven
HyperCard news and announcements, interviews, a beginner's intro, and a very complete links page.
* The HyperCard Resource Page
Lots of information, including back issues of Windoid, the newsletter of the Apple HyperCard User's Group, and a random HyperCard link feature.
* The Rinaldi Collection
The premier collection of useful XCMDs and XFCNs by Frederic Rinaldi.

Official Apple Propaganda & Resources

* Apple's official HyperCard web site
Includes information on the HyperCard 2.3.5 value bundle and a variety of useful links, as well as marketing information.
* Technical informtion
HyperCard technical notes.
* Software Updates
HyperCard updater (2.9M) to update HyperCard and all its stacks from 2.3.x to 2.3.5, and an application-only updater (426K) to bring the application up to date (does not include stack updates).

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto