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How do I decide whether to use Apple Guide for my project?
How do I create an Apple Guide if I'm not a programmer?
How do I create sidebars and notes in a guide?
How do I write a helpful Oops panel?
How do I use pictures in my guide?
Where can I find examples and help?

How do I write a helpful Oops panel?

Apple Guide offers a construct called <make sure> to let you ensure that your instructions will make sense in the user's current context. To use <make sure>, you specify a condition; if that condition isn't met, then Apple Guide presents the user with a special panel, called an Oops panel.

A helpful Oops panel is aimed at assisting the user to correct the problem. This problem may be due to a number of reasons, and your Oops panel should be worded appropriately for each:

No matter what the cause of the problem is, there are some general guidelines that apply to any Oops panel:

The Auto Open panel is a special type of Oops panel. An Auto Open panel has an attached AppleScript that is executed when the panel opens; the AppleScript automatically performs the necessary action so the user can continue. For example, if you use a <make sure> to check that the user has opened a window before continuing, an Auto Open panel can open the window automatically with a script, instead of asking the user to do it. You can find more about Auto Open panels in Apple Guide Complete.

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