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What is hot text?
How do I decide whether to use hot text?
How do I show the user which text is hot?
How do I make hot text that pops up a new window?
How do I make hot text perform an action?
How do I make pictures and non-text objects hot?
Why can't the compiler find my hot text?
Why doesn't my hot text formatting appear in the guide?
Why doesn't hot text work when the user clicks it?

How do I make hot text perform an action?

Hot text can be made to send any event that Guide Script can handle. The command <launch new sequence new window> described in the previous section is only one such event.

For example, suppose that when the user clicks the word "lizard", you want to run an AppleScript called "ShowLizard" that opens a SimpleText document containing a picture of a lizard. Your panel definition might look like:

<define panel> "My Panel"
 <format> "Full"
 <hot text> "lizard", FIRST, DoScript("Scripts:ShowLizard")

The physiology of the lizard is rich with meaning for the researcher. Lizard physiology holds deep lessons for our modern world.
 <panel prompt> "Standard"
<end panel>

For a list of events built into Apple Guide, see Apple Guide Complete, pages 188-190. To find out how to define your own events, see pages 178-181.

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